Web accessibility refers to the possibility of access to the web and its contents for all people, regardless of the support needs that they may present (physical, sensory, intellectual or technical) or from those derived from the context of use (technological or environmental).

When websites are designed thinking about people accessibility needs, all users can access the content on equal terms, for example:

  • By providing an alternative text to the images, users with visual impairment or low vision can use special readers to access the information.
  • When videos have captions, users with hearing impairment or hearing loss can fully understand them.
  • If the contents are written in simple language, illustrated or in easy-to-read reading, users with cognitive needs are better able to understand them.
  • If the user has mobility needs and finds difficult to use the mouse, the keyboard alternatives can help in navigation.

Size of text

The accessible design of this website allows the user to choose the text size that best suits them. This action can be carried out in different ways depending on the browser used.

Browser Action
Explorer View > Text Size
Firefox Ver > Zoom
Chrome Settings (icon) > Options> Advanced > Web Content > Font size
Safari Display > increase/reduce
Opera View Menu> Zoom (option key) 



Keyboard shortcuts

In order to be able to navigate through this website in an accessible way, a group of quick access keys have been programmed that include the main sections.

KEY Web page
h Homepage
n Madrid Destino
a Programación
y Proyectos
r Prensa
c Contacto

Depending on the operating system and the browser used, the key combination will be as follows:

Internet Explorer [Alt] + accesskey N/A  
Chrome [Alt] + accesskey [Alt] + accesskey [Control] [Alt] + accesskey
Firefox [Alt] [Shift] + accesskey [Alt] [Shift] + accesskey [Control] [Alt] + accesskey
Safari [Alt] + accesskey N/A [Control] [Alt] + accesskey
Opera Opera 15 o posterior: [Alt] + accesskey
Opera 12.1 o anterior: [Shift] [Esc] + accesskey

Another way to modify the text size is to use the keyboard shortcuts defined in the browsers, in particular the key combination:

  • CTRL y + (CMD y + on MAC) to increase the size of the text
  • CTRL y - (CMD y - on MAC) to reduce the size of the text

Compatibility with standards and visual design

All the pages of this website comply with the Accessibility Guidelines or General Principles of Accessible Design established by the WAI Working Group belonging to the W3C.