Light-filled pavilion connected to the Multipurpose Pavilion Madrid Arena. It is built like a perfect airtight box, insulated from outside noise whilst simultaneously preventing the emission of sound to the outside world. Its versatility allows for the installation of stands or terracing, stages or special set-ups. It has outside space for parking vehicles and for the location of auxiliary equipment.

* Capacity varies depending on the layout plans for the event.

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How to get


  • Line 6: Alto de Extremadura Station
  • Line 10: Lago Station

EMT Buses

  • Line 31: Departing Plaza Mayor
  • Line 33: Departing Príncipe Pío
  • Line 36: Departing Atocha
  • Line 39: Departing Ópera
  • Line 65: Departing Plaza Jacinto Benavente

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