In 2017 the Madrid Destino Tourism Department is launching the esMADRIDpro platform, a public-private collaboration initiative whose development was co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, through the ERDF operational programme. 

The platform is designed for tourism sector professionals and other stakeholders with direct or indirect ties to the sector (the media or tourism sector associations). Its aim is to optimise all of the resources available for promoting and marketing the city of Madrid, as well as access thereto for professionals in the tourism sector and other sectors with a bearing on the development and promotion of the city’s image, with a view to enabling them to influence potential visitors and tourists. 

Members of the press have their own private section, where they can discover the latest developments in tourism in Madrid, visitor numbers, activities aimed at promoting leisure tourism, initiatives involving tourist information and assistance, etc. They can also draw on an extensive bank of images of the city which they can use in their reports on Madrid, and they can consult publications and brochures that have been created to help visitors make the most of their stay in the capital. What’s more, they have access to articles by other communication media to see their view of Destination Madrid and the messages they convey to their readers about the capital’s tourism, cultural and entertainment offerings.

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