JOBO, a cultural pass providing young people with free access to the activities in six venues run by Madrid Destino
JOBO is a youth cultural pass created by Madrid City Council to make culture more accessible to young people. Thanks to this initiative, young people aged 16 to 26 in Madrid –who number 335,585 according to the latest municipal census– can attend scheduled performances in the six major municipal cultural venues managed by Madrid Destino free of charge: Naves de Matadero, Teatro Español, Fernán Gómez - Centro Cultural de la Villa, Conde Duque, Teatro Circo Price and Cineteca.

This pass is intended to foster access to culture among young people and to create new audiences and promoting awareness and critical thinking with respect to the performing arts, music and the living arts in the programmes of six of the city’s public centres.
How, when and where
The six cultural centres run by Madrid Destino make up to 25% of their tickets available for users of this youth cultural pass, which was launched in an initial phase running from 23 October 2017 to 31 December 2018.

To obtain the pass, the only requirement is for applicants to be between the ages of 16 and 26. Registration can be completed online (on the web page or in person, showing a National ID Card, at Casa de la Panadería in Plaza Mayor (9am-9pm). Holders of the pass, which is not an ID card, can log into a private area on the Madrid Cultura website, where they can check the programmes of the venues participating in JOBO and download tickets for the performances they are interested in.

JOBO passholders are entitled to attend a single showing of each performance. Performances and events which are not part of the programme coordinated by Madrid City Council’s Department of Culture and Sport will not be free of charge, even if they are held at these centres.

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