Quinta de los Molinos Park and manor home in the district of San Blas-Canillejas have been transformed into an enormous open space where people can have fun, create and learn. The cultural centre is primarily geared towards children and teenagers, but the whole family is invited to participate in its activities. 

Since 1982 the manor home and the park have belonged to the City Council, and in July 2018 they were converted into its first cultural centre devoted wholly to children and adolescents.

The space was created as a place to have fun, acquire knowledge, listen, participate, gain awareness, grow, observe, investigate, ask questions, discover, reflect, respect, question, make proposals, share, stimulate the senses, exercise the heart and open the mind.
Its programme includes all sorts of offerings, from theatre, dance and film to music, and even visual arts workshops and activities relating to reading, architecture, cooking and the environment.

Espacio Abierto Quinta de los Molinos Cultural Centre is also home to a hospitality school for vulnerable youths, who work with the teachers to manage the centre’s food and cafeteria services.

For more information visit: https://espacioquinta.madrid.es